Whisky Glass Lanyard

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible branded Murray Method glass holder lanyard.

Item contans 1 x Jim Murray Lanyard. Does not include glass or whisky.





You will not be surprised to learn that I have been known over the years to take my own whisky glass into a pub or bar.

After all, if you are going somewhere where you know they serve rare and wonderful whiskies, it is imperative that it is served in exactly the right glass for maximum effect.

Likewise, when at a whisky show and you are given a glass where you cannot control the temperature of the whisky to bring forth its myriad personalities…well, again you are missing out.

So to help you stay in control and help use the Murray Method of tasting whenever possible we have made available lanyards holding the exact same glass with which I taste all the whiskies for the Whisky Bible.

It is by paying attention to the little things your knowledge of whisky will grow fastest. And by which so much extra pleasure will be gained.

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I love the Bible, it is very easy to understand the taste of a whisky before buying and is very appetizing, makes you dream of the taste of the whisky just by reading!

February 11, 2020

Supporter of good whiskey

Lars Robinn Simmelkjaer
September 24, 2019

Simply Great For a Whiskey lover .

Raajkumar Gupta
October 19, 2019

Past editions have been instructive. Looking forward to receiving the 2020 offering.

David B Heasley
October 19, 2019

“May the water of life flow through our veins just as the words of freedom escape our breath.”

Christo Ry
September 19, 2019

Very simply the go-to book for all things whiskey. Authoritative, clear, comprehensive.

David Pruett
September 18, 2019

We might need to get another bookshelf. This is my husband’s ‘go to’ book for any whisky information. The reviews are often amusing, and are referred to at the tastings he both runs and attends.

Susan Holford
September 20, 2019

Most honest and entertaining book in this business since 2003 👍

Christine von Allwoerden
September 18, 2019

Have all of Jim’s books dating back to 2006.
It’s a must have in every whisky lovers library.

Kevin Westbrook
September 19, 2019

A must for any whiskey lover’s bookshelf.

Jean-Marc Demers
September 20, 2019
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