Internationally recognised as probably the leading commentator on all the world’s whiskies, Jim Murray is frequently asked to conduct virtual whisky tastings. Undertaken in a style which reflects Jim’s solidly professional approach, they are well organised, informative, witty and sometimes controversial but always full of passion, honesty and fun.

Not afraid to express his views and loved by many for his uncompromising stance, Jim Murray’s whisky tasting experiences are full of fascinating facts, flavours and bottlings. Delving into his encyclopaedic knowledge of whisky, gained from having travelled to hundreds of distilleries all over the globe, he offers a full-on interactive tasting enhancing user experience for all who attend, bringing in the audience as often as possible. These are events which embrace the novice and connoisseur alike. And is purposely steered away from marketing mantra and propaganda.

Book a Tasting Event

    With 19 years experience of holding tutored whisky tastings, no occasion is too big or small for Jim Murray. His international repertoire of tutored tasting events has embraced every continent and spans from intimate parties for six through to Whisky and Gentlemen’s Clubs as well as large venue corporate gatherings, educational programmes for sales and marketing teams, television, radio and web-based tastings attended by thousands around the world.

    If it’s an evening of tartan, food, ice, cigars and corporate sales patter you’re after then you had better look elsewhere. But if you want to spend an evening with a professional, fiercely independent, internationally acclaimed whisky authority then contact

    Jim Murray’s tasting events are subject to specific guidelines which are as follows:

    Whisky Tasting

    These are high energy, fun events designed to get people to enjoy whisky to the absolute maximum. Jim works carefully so people, whatever their level as a whisky enthusiast, will not feel out of place and will end the evening not only having been entertained but feeling that their understanding and appreciation of whisky has been greatly enhanced. However, to ensure each personalised tasting event is a success we have created some simple guidelines which must be observed.

    No Smoking

    The smoking of cigars, cigarettes and pipes is strictly prohibited in the room in which the event is taking place. For this reason Jim Murray never attends whisky and cigar evenings.

    No Food

    To keep people’s palates on full alert no food will be served during the event. The aromas from the food being prepared and served can linger and confuse people whilst tasting. Food can be served after the tasting, but the aromas of the preparation must be kept separate from where the event is taking place.

    No Other Alcohol

    Jim Murray does not carry out tastings in rooms where other drinks are being served and sold. That includes public houses and bars, unless a dedicated room has been provided with no bar service. Also, people attending the event will not be permitted to carry with them to their tables wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages they obtained before or during the event.


    Guests, on buying tickets, will be asked to keep the aftershave or perfume they wear to the event at an absolute minimum in order not to create nosing problems for others.


    Anyone entering the room already looking under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave. Their money will be returned if need be. Drunkenness is the most likely thing to prevent people from having an enjoyable evening and the strict monitoring of guests is vital.


    In order to help people enjoy their whisky to the full and to drink responsibly, Jim encourages people to spit their whisky out as well as taste it. For this reason spittoons must be provided on each table, at least one for every two guests.

    No Ice

    Under no circumstances can ice be provided for the whisky.


    Water can be provided to each table to help guests clean their palates and, if required, their glasses. Guests will be discouraged from adding water to their whisky for reasons which will become apparent during the course of the tasting.

    Tasting Glasses

    All tasting glasses should be made of glass. Plastic glasses will not be permitted. The glasses should be of a “tulip” style and sport stems. Not favoured are shot glasses or squat Riedel and Glencairn glasses.

    Ticket Only

    Jim Murray Whisky Tastings must be ticket only events. He will not conduct any tasting that is a turn up on the night, pay at the door affair. The events must be professionally managed throughout and not left to chance.


    Fifty percent of the minimum agreed fee for the tasting must be paid to Jim Murray in advance of the event.

    Supply of Whisky

    All whisky tasting sets will be supplied by Jim Murray with no costs to the organizer, unless an agreement otherwise has been made.


    Photographers are allowed to take still pictures only, providing they are not too obtrusive and do not annoy guests whilst doing so.

    Film, video and sound

    Jim Murray works hard to protect his copyright and as such Jim Murray Whisky Tastings cannot be filmed, videoed or recorded for television, radio and/or commercial and private use unless permission has been granted in writing or by contract by Jim Murray or his agent.