The Art of Whisky

From the World’s leading whisky authority Jim Murray.

A superb selection of over 70 nineteenth and early twentieth century posters and showcards designed to advertise the Scotch and Irish whiskies of the time in hardback.




Of all the many books on whisky I have written in the last 25 years and more this was the one screaming to be published in hardback.

Indeed, when I first researched and wrote The Art of Whisky there were plans afoot to make it into a lush coffee table celebration of the stupendous artwork which depicted the whisky advertising scene of the late 19th and early 20th century.

However, the publication was being carried out by, in effect, a British government department and once they saw the cost of producing a full colour in hardback they made the decision to publish in paperback instead.

Had then been now I have no doubt they would have gone for the coffee table option. But back in 1998 the single malt whisky movement was still very much in its infancy and the Public Record Office, the holder of these extraordinary whisky relics, quite understandably felt it better to err on the side of caution.

The whisky world of 2020 is nothing like the one of 22 years before. So I bought the rights of the title from the P.R.O – to whom I am truly grateful – and decided to republish it under my own company’s imprint of Dram Good Books.

And now in hardback, of course.

It was great fun updating the The Art of Whisky from the tail end of the 1990s into the now maturing 21st century.

Not least because I suspected that the audience likely to discover this book would be a more knowledgeable, appreciative and international one than that on their first, faltering steps into the nouveau whisky world of a generation before.

Because this is for whom this book is now published: both the new generation of whisky lovers and the previous one in whose footsteps they followed. A book to delight an audience in their 20s right through to their 80s and 90s.

For despite the dated style of these advertisements, there is a timelessness, too.

Like a great whisky, this is a book that demands to be visited and re-visited. And like the finest whiskies, be they Scottish or Irish –the more time you spend with it, the greater the pay back, the more intricate your discoveries.

Because a dip into these pages, like any great malt, will each time reveal something you hadn’t quite discovered before. And then you can sit back and drink in the whole picture – before returning it, charmed and satisfied, onto your coffee table.

I very much hope you enjoy The Art of Whisky; and, indeed, I am sure you will. For so far as the colourful history of Scotch and Irish whisky is concerned, it will most certainly put you in the picture.

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Great book for Whisky lovers

Great book for Whisky lovers

Milind Desai
September 26, 2020

I love the Bible, it

I love the Bible, it is very easy to understand the taste of a whisky before buying and is very appetizing, makes you dream of the taste of the whisky just by reading!

February 11, 2020

Supporter of good whiskey

Supporter of good whiskey

Lars Robinn Simmelkjaer
September 24, 2019

Simply Great For a Wishkey

Simply Great For a Whiskey lover .

Raajkumar Gupta
October 19, 2019

Past editions have been instructive.

Past editions have been instructive. Looking forward to receiving the 2020 offering.

David B Heasley
October 19, 2019

“May the water of life

“May the water of life flow through our veins just as the words of freedom escape our breath.”

Christo Ry
September 19, 2019

Very simply the go-to book

Very simply the go-to book for all things whiskey. Authoritative, clear, comprehensive.

David Pruett
September 18, 2019

We might need to get

We might need to get another bookshelf. This is my husband’s ‘go to’ book for any whisky information. The reviews are often amusing, and are referred to at the tastings he both runs and attends.

Susan Holford
September 20, 2019

Most honest and entertaining book

Most honest and entertaining book in this business since 2003 👍

Christine von Allwoerden
September 18, 2019

Have all of Jim’s books

Have all of Jim’s books dating back to 2006.
It’s a must have in every whisky lovers library.

Kevin Westbrook
September 19, 2019

A must for any whiskey

A must for any whiskey lover’s bookshelf.

Jean-Marc Demers
September 20, 2019